Acceptable Use Policy

If you want to use our services you need to agree with our terms and conditions.

Eligibility & Registration

Anyone individual or company can register with us to use our services with following guidlines.

  1. Provide valid name, email, address, phone at the time of registration.
  2. Fake names or Addresses if found account will be canceled.
  3. Use valid payment method buying with stolen paypal account or credit card is prohibited.
  4. One person or company can have maximum 1 account with us. Do not open multiple accounts that create confusion and difficulties to manage the services.

Rules of Conduct

While using our services you need to make sure the following things.

  • Do not send spam content
  • Spoofing is not allowed
  • Following Campaigns not allowed Porn, Ponzi Schems, Gambling Campaigns, Sex Medicine, Medicine, Fake ICO promotion, Hate Speach, Hacking, Threat, Terror, Selling arms, Selling drugs etc. If found will be terminated immediately and legal action will be taken.
  • You must use unsubscribe link in email.
  • Not allowed to send emails using SBL listed domains.
  • Sending Attacks to other mails servers are not allowed.
  • DDoS Attacks not allowed
  • Selling Free Email Marketing Services are not allowed that help spammers to join the network and spam to world for free.

Payments and Billing

All of our smtp services are month to month means for 30 days use. And they get auto renew if we not receive cancellation request 24 hours before the expiry so to avoid auto charges please cancel your account before the expiry date. All fees are non refundable after the activation of service.